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 Post subject: OpenBeta 1.1a
PostPosted: Sun Jun 11, 2006 6:29 am 

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For those of you waiting around on here for a patch then the time has come. Hopefully this will help boost up the players we have that have been playing the game and boost up the action on our ladder. If you just want the download and not read what all is coming up, <a href=> then download it here</a>

Additional Mirrors :
<a href=>Mirror 1</a>
<a href=>Mirror 2</a>

Addtional Macintosh Launcher :
<a href=>Macintosh Launcher</a>

Now, for those of you wishing to see what we're looking at in the future, then please, be my guest and stick around.

Additionally Gonou, leader of their sound department, has reqested reinforcement for his area of work! If you are a sound designer capable of creating good quality sound samples in a decent timeframe without breaking copyrights, then they would be happy to have <a>your application</a> on their desk.

First and foremost, we're looking at a new patch release every Friday of this month. With the 30th being the main release of Patch 1.2. I'll keep updating with new news posts as quickly as possible. Now, to look into things that they are working on for this patch.

Quote by Llama :
We have been working hard on bugfixes and the good news is: most stuff is done!
This includes:
* Reinstated variable FF
* Fixed damage falloff (no more 5hp-headshots with the Desert Eagle, we promise!)
* Rebalanced a few of the maps which you told us were one sided.
* Tuned the movement speed
* Fixed behindview server option

Needless to say that we also took care about most mapbugs and tried to adjust the maps in areas in which gameplay wasn't fun. Besides simply fixing bugs we want to make the patch as complete as possible so you dont have to play with things that aren't fun for any longer. It is an important milestone for us that will allow us - once reached - to concentrate on Beta 2.0 (which will be massive, that's for sure!)
In order to reach our goal we have listened carefully to your feedback and changed some parts of the gameplay according to your preferences. The most important changes include:

* Improved hit indicators
* Improved visibility and acoustic feedback of grenades
* Simplified handling of magazines (removed re-enqueuing)
* Reduced HE-nade radius

One thing we are really proud of is something that we initially underestimated: bots.
With Beta 1.0 we tried to concentrate on the multiplayer part and put our efforts in making this part fun - bots did not have priority. But as it seems, you (the public) needs them - and we have to admit it can be fun to play 1 vs. 19 :)
Thanks to a massive coding-marathon by grimfort the bots in the patch will not only shoot and hunt you down with their knife, they will randomly split up in teams which will have their own character (offensive and defensive playing squads) and will go for objectives! Yes, no more camping bots, no more boring standby time to watch the bots jump from a platform of St.George.
End Quote.

So, this should definitely spice things up as well as the upcoming release of Salsa. They plan on releasing it within the month. Here are a few screenshots for your pleasure....

<a href=""><img src=""> </a>
<a href=""><img src=""> </a>

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