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Knocks the dust off!
Posted by: SiN Date: Sat Jun 25, 2011 03:24:23 PM
Well it's been awhile since I have posted in the news section for this site, as it has been a long while since most anything have been worth while posting. As you seen from previous news that TA : Tactical Assault is active and are gunning for a end of the year release. Myself and Pinhead (Rogues status is unknown atm ) are going to start making preparations to have a ladder made up and ready.

There is talk amongst myself and Pinhead on how we are going to approach this new game. revamp of rules, revamp of punishments from broken rules and so forth. I would personally like to see a revamp of the site how ever I would have to appeal to the community for that. I will be posting more info later on that.

For more information on TA vist their site here
IRC Info
Channel: #tactical-assault

NATO Warpix will be mandatory on this ladder. If you have a problem in which you feel you don't have to run them or you are going to raise a issue on using it, i suggest you try a different ladder they may host the game. Same applys to the negative people who has nothing better in life but to troll.
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Gaming Ladder changes
Posted by: {FD}-Pinhead Date: Fri Jan 28, 2011 05:14:34 PM
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TO: PUG Ladder
Posted by: decal Date: Fri Jun 25, 2010 12:14:53 PM
For those of you who havn't noticed, Rogue has agreed to make a new ladder called TO: PUG ladder (you can see it under ''LEAGUES'' on the main page, not on the usual spot)

Basically its the same thing, but there are a few changes. For one, the maximum amount of players per clan is capped at 6, for obvious reasons.

Secondly, clan hopping will not be allowed under any circumstances (even saying that agreeing another can play even if he's tagged ''new'' won't be allowed)
This was a problem in the past cause it was the only way wars could be played, but now with TOPUG, when people are not warring they can simply pug.

For now it is me and Imperious running this, but we will take 2 other players to help us out... NATOWARPIX will be used but no mandatory, players who are asked to run NATOWARPIX will have to run it.
We are open to suggestions as well and please, spread the word
So far we are only about 4-5 clans that are confirmed.

Also, we are looking to buy a server just for wars since right now the only server available is TOPUG, and it is pretty much in use 24/7. If you would like to help me pay for a 2nd server, please contact me. By donating a bit, you get a clan channel in my vent server, as well as admin to both TOPUG and WAR server.
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Tactical Assault
Posted by: Major_Tom Date: Thu Mar 11, 2010 04:36:05 AM
Hello Unrealers,
Some of you might have heard about Tactical ops 3 or Tactical Assault.
I wanned to invite you all to take a look at our site:

here is the latest info:

Restcrew has been quietly producing awesomely detailed models for the TA team for quite some time now so we thought it was about time we gave him some publicity. He is an experienced modder and has been on the scene for nearly as long as Proto (who has been modding since forever).

We sent him some quick questions to find out a little more about his gaming background.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I am 26 years old, I live in Finland and I work as an office manager. I make all sorts of 3d stuff - mainly inorganic models.

How did you get involved in Tactical Assault?
I canít remember where I heard about the project, but I was looking at the website and the forums and thought that TA looked like a worthy cause and that the team could use some help so I applied. I joined early in 2008 so have been around since the beginning really.

What kind of games do you play?
I donít play games much these days. The only game Iíve played this year is Darkfall Online, but I think iíve only played it once this month. In the past Iíve always liked FPS games, I started playing online games when Quake was released and soon discovered Team Fortress. After that I switched to Tactical Ops and then later to TO:Crossfire.

How did you get into modelling and texturing for games?
Iíve always been interested in art and I made my first very simple models with a DOS version of 3DSMax (3D Studio as it was called back then), when I was something like 12 years old. When Team Fortress was released for Quake, me and some of my friends started thinking about making our own mod. We never really made much that got released apart from a couple of maps.

Later on I decided to post a couple of models to the Tactical Ops forums and was asked to work on a UT2K3 mod called BloodAge. The project died fairly fast and I was then asked to join another mod called Domain 2049 for UT2K3 and UT2K4. It turned out to be quite a success and was a finalist in all phases of the MSUC. Sadly it never gained much popularity and the playerbase never really grew that big. After that project faded I was approached by a member from the TC:Crossfire team, which at the time was still a secret project. I was asked to join as a mapper but ended up as an animator because there was nobody else who could do it in the team at the time. I also made some models and a map called StGeorge with Rayden.

What software do you use? Can you give us an idea of what your usual workflow is like?
I work primarily with 3d-Coat which is a voxel based modelling application. It is a lot more freeform than traditional programs like 3DSMax so it lets you be more artistic without having to focus on technical detail. I first make a high poly model and then a low poly model from that. Then I create a UV-map for the low poly model so that the model can be textured. The other advantage of 3D-Coat is that you can then paint the textures straight on to the model instead of using 2D painting software like Photoshop.

What aspect of modelling do you find the most difficult?
Really it is just finding time for it. Itís not uncommon for me to think that I would like to play Darkfall or something and then I remember that I should finish my current modelling task or else one of the mappers will kill me!

What specifically have you been working on for TA?
I have been working with Deeps on his map Deadlock and most of these statues you see here will be in the level. Since quite a few models have had to be remade due to the switch to the UDK progress did slow a bit but it is coming along nicely now and I think there will be previews of the new UDK deadlock soon.

What Difference will we notice with the new UDK version?
Hopefully the lighting will be alot nicer and the shadow detail and lots of little things like that are improved so overll it will be a nicer and more polished looking map.

Thanks to Restcrew for taking the time out to answer our questions and also thank you for all of the models that you have created for the team.

If you want to be of help for us and you have some skills in UnrealScript or very good Java/C++ knowledge or any other skills like modelling please hit the apply button.

Stay tuned for the next news which will be a report on the new Deadlock in UDK graphics!

See you on the servers,
Your TA team.
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Posted by: decal Date: Tue Dec 15, 2009 09:21:27 PM
Tactical Ops Pick Up Games are back.

Also know as TOPUG

Simply go to #topug @ and follow the instructions in the topic.
For now since we don't have a host for the bot, you will only be able to use this when my computer is on, but I will be getting a host shortly.
Basically, the bot gives a letter. If the letter is say R, 4-10 people change their name to R-name. (Example: R-Decaliss3ur, R-Imperious, R-Konar, R-xtwnd)

When the pug is full it gives out something to type so that there are two captains. The first two people to type say: .captain1234 will be captains, Then they will choose their team. (the numbers after .captain1234 are random)
To pick the teams, the person has to type .pick R-playername, (example, if i wanna pick impy, I type .pick R-Imperious) and so on. OR, everyone that has joined the pug will be given a number, so you can just do .pick 1

Bot Triggers
The bot will respond to these triggers.

.admins Tells you wich admins are around
.letter Gives out the active letter.
.list Lists available players.
.limit Gives out team size wich must be met for game to start.
.pick number command used by team captains to pick a player (ex: .pick 2)
.servers Lists available servers.
.query server name querys a server thats in .servers (example .query XG)

coming soong:
.query will give you server info
.admin will give you admins available

Pros of topug: Easy to see who wants to play, don't have to play in servers where the skill level is low or the admins pull out the ban hammer too often.
Most of the time the teams are fair due to captains picking teams (the more people play, the more the teams will be fair)
It is also quick.PUGS are usually around 25-40 mins.
Everyone is welcomed, the more the merrier, please tell your friends or anyone, it doesn't matter if you are not a top player.

PUGS have been keeping UT99 communities alive for years, in fact, tacops is like the only mod who never had a really successful pug. Let's do this.

We have already ran over 20 pug sessions in the first two days, and it worked fne, it's fast, easy, and people enjoy it.

Main goal is to have fun, so don't be an ass.

VENT: port:5993
Official server: unreal://

Rules in the Next post.
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Posted by: Priest Date: Thu Nov 26, 2009 09:39:06 AM
Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it!
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Posted by: Priest Date: Thu Nov 19, 2009 04:47:05 PM
Next week, a war has been schedule which will blow you away. The old school STK team will square off vs old school NGL team for a settle all , winner take all 5 map Tactical Ops war. The declaration of war has was brewed over at the STK forums, as there has been a large debate which team is superior.
The war is tentatively planned for Sunday, November 29th. More details to follow. The server should have some open slots for spectating, so if anyone is interesting to see 2 behemoths battle on such a historical night, please comment in this thread.

NGL confirmed players

NGL_Poland Thug (tentative)

STK confirmed players:

[STK]-PUNISHER (tentative)
[STK]-EthanHunt (tentative)

Don't miss it!
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Rogue adds another clan member!!!
Posted by: Priest Date: Mon May 11, 2009 11:23:06 PM
I believe a baby boy!!!!!!! So whats that 9? lol I think 5.
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Better Plagues?
Posted by: Priest Date: Mon Feb 2, 2009 05:12:05 PM
Yes I have a lot better ping since I moved this weekend, I will call rogue about ur IP.
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NATO Server feedback
Posted by: Priest Date: Tue Jan 13, 2009 01:02:31 AM
I would like to get some feedback on the Chicago and New Jersey Servers. Are they working out for people? Should I keep them? Any issues? I would like to know how they are for people. It has been a couple of months and I wanted to get some serious feedback from people.


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